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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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White House Prepares for Governing During Potential Shutdown

The White House is preparing for a possible government shutdown as the deadline to fund the government approaches. Senior officials are drawing up plans to determine which personnel would be considered “essential” and not be furloughed. Most of President Biden’s top advisers are expected to be designated as essential. Historically, employees with the title “Special Assistant to the President” have been automatically deemed essential. The preparations indicate the widespread anticipation in Washington that lawmakers may fail to reach a funding agreement by the end of the month.

Senate leadership has reached a deal to keep the government open until November 17 with funding for Ukraine and domestic disasters. However, the ultimate outcome remains uncertain, as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has not committed to putting the Senate bill for a vote. White House officials are not confident that the two chambers can reach a mutually agreed deal in the next few days. The White House strategy has focused on messaging, with President Biden blaming “extreme House Republicans” for the potential government shutdown and insisting that Republicans will be held responsible if it happens.

Despite the Senate deal, the preparations for a government shutdown continue in the White House due to the uncertainty in reaching a funding agreement. Officials are making arrangements to determine essential personnel and are closely monitoring the ongoing deliberations on Capitol Hill. The White House’s focus is not only on finding a funding solution but also on messaging, as they believe Republicans will be blamed if the government shuts down. President Biden has recorded a video pointing the finger at House Republicans who are unwilling to stand up to extremists in their party, warning that everyone in America could pay the price for a potential shutdown.

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