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Adobe Introduces Firefly-powered AI Tools for Photoshop’s Web Version

Adobe has officially launched Photoshop for the web, making it available to all users with paid plans. The web version of Photoshop, which was previously in beta for nearly two years, now includes Firefly-powered AI tools such as generative fill and generative expand. The web version also features a toolbar with tools grouped based on workflows, making it easier for users to reproduce images or select objects. Additionally, Photoshop on the web displays the full names of tools for beginners, rather than just showing tooltips.

Adobe has also announced that users can collaborate on files by sharing links, even if the recipient does not have a subscription. In May, the company introduced Firefly-powered features such as generative expand and generative fill, but they were only available on the beta version of Photoshop. Now, these features will be accessible on the web version as well. This move could provide Adobe with a platform to issue quicker updates and test features.

While the web version of Photoshop includes the majority of tools found in the desktop version, it still lacks certain features like the patch tool, pen tool, smart object support, and polygonal lasso. However, Adobe has stated that it is working on bringing these tools to Photoshop for the web. Currently, there are no plans to offer a free or freemium version of Photoshop on the web.

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