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Afference Secures $1.5M to Create Wearable Neural Interface Tech

Afference, a neural interface company, has raised $1.5 million in funding to develop its new platform called Phantom. The Phantom is a handheld wearable that allows users to experience artificial sensations in virtual reality environments. Instead of using pressure, the device uses electrical signals to communicate sensations to the user’s brain. Afference plans to enhance the Phantom platform with the funding and aims to launch development kits in early 2024.

Spatial Computing, according to Afference CEO Jacob Segil, requires a paradigm shift in how users interact with digital content. The company aims to create a seamless experience by building an artificial sensory platform that enables digital interactions to feel as natural as physical ones. Konvoy, a leading venture capital firm, led the funding round and believes that haptic feedback is essential for the true promise of Spatial Computing. They commend Afference for developing the best method of delivering artificial sensations for the Spatial Computing age.

Afference’s plans for the Phantom have garnered interest and support, as the technology has the potential to revolutionize the virtual reality industry. The company’s focus on creating a realistic and immersive sensory experience sets it apart from other haptics companies. With the funding secured, Afference aims to further enhance the Phantom platform and provide developers with the necessary tools to create innovative and immersive virtual reality experiences. The launch of development kits in early 2024 will be a significant milestone for the company as it moves towards realizing its vision for seamless digital interactions.

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