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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Apple executives discuss the latest AirPods’ features in concise breakdown.

Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 were overshadowed at the recent Apple event, but they received a significant software update alongside the introduction of a USB-C charging case. The update introduces new listening modes that can be accessed through iOS 17. The Adaptive Audio mode seamlessly switches between different settings in real time, offering a balance between situational awareness and noise reduction. The system also considers the type of content being listened to and measures the volume inside the ear for a more accurate audio experience. Additionally, the Conversational Awareness mode automatically lowers the volume when the user starts speaking, utilizing on-board sensors to detect voice and jaw movement. The software update also improves the connection speed between AirPods Pro and Apple devices.

Apple’s Adaptive Audio mode is a key highlight of the software update for AirPods Pro 2. It provides a range of modes that combine transparency and noise cancellation to offer a personalized listening experience. Using tens of thousands of hours of user data and machine learning, the mode adapts to different listening preferences and environmental conditions over time, ensuring clear and customized content. The update also introduces the Conversational Awareness mode, which lowers the volume of the track when the wearer speaks. This feature is triggered by on-board sensors detecting voice and jaw movement, eliminating the need for voice profiles. In addition, the connection speed between AirPods Pro and Apple devices has been significantly improved through various methods of discovering nearby devices.

Apple has also announced Vision Pro connectivity, which enhances the audio experience when using the company’s upcoming spatial computing headset. By pairing the new AirPods Pro with the headset, users can enjoy ultra-low latency lossless audio. Apple achieved this by designing a new audio protocol that operates on the cleaner 5GHz spectrum, ensuring a real-time channel between the devices. This redesign allows for high-fidelity audio and low latency, improving the overall audio experience for users.

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