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ChatGPT gets current internet answers: Learn how in TechToday – 13 words.

OpenAI has announced that its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, can now browse the internet and provide users with up-to-date and authoritative information with direct links to sources. This functionality was briefly available earlier this year but was pulled after users exploited it to access paid-for content and bypass paywalls. OpenAI, in collaboration with Microsoft, uses Bing to search the web and suggests that the feature is best utilized for tasks requiring current information, such as vacation planning or technical research. However, access to web browsing is currently limited to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, with availability for other users coming soon.

To use this functionality, users must select the GPT-4 engine and choose ‘Browse with Bing’ after logging into ChatGPT on the web. ChatGPT will then incorporate information from the web alongside its regular training data. OpenAI claims that ChatGPT successfully provided information about the launch of the iPhone 15, linking back to a reputable tech website. However, the feature is still in beta and relies on Bing’s search results. In cases where the search engine lacks certainty, ChatGPT may direct users to relevant websites instead of providing direct answers.

Overall, OpenAI’s addition of web browsing capabilities to ChatGPT enhances its ability to provide real-time and reliable information. However, access to this feature is currently limited to subscribers, and further improvements and refinements are expected in the future.

In summary, OpenAI’s ChatGPT can now search the internet for current and authoritative information with direct source links. This functionality, previously available but discontinued due to misuse, has been reintroduced with measures to prevent unauthorized access to paid-for content. Users can utilize ChatGPT’s web browsing feature for tasks that require up-to-date information, but access is currently limited to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and enterprise users. The integration of Bing search results allows ChatGPT to provide accurate information, although it may redirect users to relevant websites in certain cases. OpenAI plans to make the feature available to other users soon, while continuing to refine and improve it during the beta phase.

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