Home Technology China surpasses US in GenAI adoption, per survey data.

China surpasses US in GenAI adoption, per survey data.

China surpasses US in GenAI adoption, per survey data.

China has emerged as a frontrunner in adopting generative AI technology, as highlighted in a recent survey conducted by US-based SAS and Coleman Parkes Research. The survey, which involved 1,600 decision-makers from various industries worldwide, revealed that 83 percent of Chinese respondents reported using generative AI. This figure surpasses the global average of 54 percent and is significantly higher than in other regions such as the United States, where only 65 percent of respondents have embraced this technology.

Representatives from industries including banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, and energy participated in the survey, underscoring China’s rapid progress in generative AI adoption. The country’s advancement in this field has been fueled by the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI and subsequent efforts by Chinese companies to develop their own AI solutions. China’s dominance is further illustrated by the substantial number of generative AI patents filed, with the nation lodging over 38,000 patents between 2014 and 2023, significantly surpassing the United States’ total of 6,276 patents during the same period.

Despite restrictions on international generative AI service providers like OpenAI, China has cultivated a flourishing domestic industry in AI technology. Major tech players such as ByteDance and up-and-coming startups like Zhipu are driving growth in the sector. The report also sheds light on China’s leadership in continuous automated monitoring (CAM), a controversial application of generative AI that raises privacy concerns. As China continues to advance in generative AI and surveillance technologies, the global landscape of AI technology is poised for rapid evolution and increased competition.

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