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Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Technologies on Display at Pentagon Expo

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Technologies on Display at Pentagon Expo

Pentagon officials attended the third annual Defense Department Manufacturing Technology Program Pentagon Day exhibition in June 2024 and witnessed innovative military technologies that aim to bolster the DOD’s capabilities. These technologies included critical materials made from flowers, heat exchangers for military assets, and environmentally friendly explosives for troop safety. The ManTech program, encompassing various investment programs within the military branches and defense agencies, showcased advanced manufacturing projects essential for deterring adversaries and enhancing national security.

The event emphasized ManTech’s mission to ensure service members’ safety and equip the DOD with cutting-edge technologies to counter ambitious adversaries. Attendees learned about the program’s focus on developing technologies that support the Joint Force’s operational needs, with a special emphasis on tactical advancement and operational efficiency. By uniting different sectors, including the military, public, private, and academic players, the program aims to expedite the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies beneficial for the U.S. military’s rapid modernization and strategic agility.

Leaders from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, along with ManTech officials, toured the exhibition and explored featured technologies like heat exchangers, rubber made from dandelions, and revolutionary battery technology. The event highlighted the importance of collaboration across different domains to create integrated defense capabilities necessary for addressing present and future challenges. By showcasing a range of innovative technologies, the DOD ManTech program demonstrated its role in enhancing national security and strengthening the country’s manufacturing base.

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