Home Technology Disney+ in Canada tightens grip on password sharing to combat abuse.

Disney+ in Canada tightens grip on password sharing to combat abuse.

Disney+ in Canada tightens grip on password sharing to combat abuse.

Disney+ is cracking down on password-sharing and is implementing restrictions in Canada starting in November. Canadian subscribers have received an email stating that they will no longer be able to share their passwords outside of their household. This change is reflected in the updated subscriber agreement, which defines “household” as the devices associated with the primary personal residence. Disney CEO Bob Iger had previously announced the company’s intention to stop password sharing during an earnings call. While no specifics about new subscription plans have been revealed, it is likely that Disney will introduce tiers that allow password sharing for an additional fee, following in Netflix’s footsteps.

The password-sharing crackdown initially had a scheduled implementation date for next year, but it has been moved up significantly for Canadian Disney+ subscribers. The amended subscriber agreement gives Disney the authority to analyze account usage for compliance and take necessary action if violations are detected, including limiting or terminating access to the service. However, there is one exception to the ban on account sharing, as the restriction may not apply if it is otherwise permitted by the subscriber’s service tier. This suggests that Disney may introduce new subscription plans that allow password sharing across households, though the details of these tiers are currently unknown.

It remains to be seen how these changes will affect Disney+ subscribers in Canada and whether similar restrictions will be imposed in other countries. The move to crack down on password sharing aligns with Disney’s goal of protecting its content and revenue, as unauthorized use of accounts can result in lost profits for the company. By implementing these measures, Disney is taking steps to ensure that its streaming service is being used according to the terms and conditions outlined in the subscriber agreement.

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