Home Technology DoD prioritizes technology transfer for troops’ benefit.

DoD prioritizes technology transfer for troops’ benefit.

DoD prioritizes technology transfer for troops’ benefit.

A new group within the Department of Defense (DoD) called “The Transition Tracking Action Group” (T-Tag) has been established to enhance visibility on technology investments and transitions using advanced data analytics. Led by Heidi Shyu, the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, the team aims to break data silos and unify information to better understand technology roadmaps and the lifecycle of investments. The ultimate goal is to efficiently bring new technologies to the warfighter and field.

Cyrus Jabbari, the Chief Data Officer for Research and Engineering at DoD, explains that the T-Tag focuses on tracking various technology investments, including critical technology areas such as directed energy, artificial intelligence, hypersonics, and more. By unifying data from research, engineering, and acquisitions, the group aims to provide oversight, accountability, and insights into technology transitions. The group also seeks to avoid duplication of investments and ensure that promising technologies are productized and deployed to the warfighter quickly.

While the T-Tag was formally established recently, it has been in development for two years, with a focus on mapping the defense innovation ecosystem and standardizing technology transition pathways. By breaking data silos and leveraging advanced analytics, the group aims to provide insights into technology investments, their impact on economic security, and their transition to the commercial sector. Ultimately, the T-Tag’s work will enable decision-makers within DoD to make informed choices and ensure that technology transitions efficiently reach the warfighter.

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