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Does Time’s Physics Truly Evolve?

Does Time’s Physics Truly Evolve?

In this news article, the author discusses the feeling of time distortion that many people have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. They explain how time no longer seems to make sense, with days, weeks, and months passing by quickly. The article acknowledges that time has always been a mysterious and elusive concept, with psychologists and physicists struggling to understand its true nature.

The author explores various factors that can influence our perception of time, such as engaging activities that make time fly by or waiting for something that makes time feel eternal. They also mention the ongoing research conducted by scientists in fields like linguistics, neuroscience, and psychology to uncover the mechanisms behind our perception of time. However, despite these efforts, there has been little progress in truly comprehending why time feels distorted.

The article concludes by highlighting the philosophical view that time is an illusion, a construct created by our brains to make sense of the world. Without the concept of time, there would be no way to form narratives or understand the universe. The author suggests that while time remains a confusing and perplexing concept, it is an essential part of our human experience.

In summary, the article discusses the disorienting experience of time distortion during the pandemic. It delves into the elusive nature of time, pointing out that scientists have been unable to fully understand it despite extensive research. The article also touches on various factors that can impact our perception of time and highlights the philosophical perspective that time is an illusion created by our brains. Ultimately, time is seen as an integral part of our existence, even if it continues to perplex and elude our understanding.

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