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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Embrace the Gaming Revolution with Blockchain Game Alliance in 13 words.

The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is a global, non-profit organization that aims to support and connect professionals in the Web3 gaming ecosystem. With over 500 members from various sectors, including game studios, infrastructure, marketplaces, and more, the BGA provides opportunities for visibility, collaboration, and networking. The alliance organizes activities and attends major conferences worldwide, allowing members to showcase their games and products. They also have a private members’ group for networking and access to an educational platform for industry professionals. Additionally, the BGA conducts an annual survey to gather insights on the state and future trajectory of blockchain gaming.

In terms of the industry’s current status and future direction, the BGA invites industry professionals, investors, media, researchers, policymakers, and others to participate in their survey to gather diverse viewpoints. The survey provides valuable insights into the industry’s growth, trends, and potential risks. Emfarsis, a Web3 advisory firm, conducts the survey and compiles the report, which will be released in December. DappRadar partners with the BGA to provide key takeaways on sector funding and engagement in blockchain games. By participating in the survey, individuals have the opportunity to contribute to the innovation and progress of the blockchain gaming space.

The BGA is open to new members who are interested in joining the alliance and contributing to the mass adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. They emphasize the strength and impact of collective collaboration, believing that together, they can shape the future of Web3 gaming. Those interested in membership or learning more about the BGA’s work can contact them for further information.

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