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Enhance Your Movie Choices with ChatGPT—Unbeatable Recommendations!

Tubi, the popular streaming service, has launched a new feature called Rabbit AI that aims to enhance the user experience by providing more efficient content recommendations. With Tubi’s vast library of streaming content, it can be overwhelming for users to find something to watch. Rabbit AI utilizes ChatGPT, an AI model, to allow users to search for content in any way they can think of. Whether it’s searching for movies similar to “Hidden Figures” or horror movies set in high school, Rabbit AI aims to provide up to 20 relevant recommendations.

While AI-powered search features are not entirely new, Tubi is among the first streaming services to integrate this capability directly into its platform. It even suggests prompts for users who are unsure of what they’re looking for. Although there is a possibility of AI occasionally inventing non-existent movies, Tubi has limited the data to ensure only relevant recommendations. The conversational nature of the searches makes them particularly powerful, as users can start with broad queries and narrow down their preferences over time.

By analyzing the data on users’ search queries and viewing habits, Tubi can improve the categorization and filtering of its library. This allows for better personalized recommendations, even for users who do not utilize Rabbit AI. Blake Bassett, Tubi’s senior director of product, believes that users may notice the recommendations becoming more accurate and tailored to their preferences. The integration of Rabbit AI not only aids users in discovering content but also helps Tubi enhance its backend data and provide a more enriching streaming experience overall.

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