Home Technology FCC Set to Restore Net Neutrality in Long-Awaited Decision.

FCC Set to Restore Net Neutrality in Long-Awaited Decision.

FCC Set to Restore Net Neutrality in Long-Awaited Decision.

In a long-awaited move, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced plans to reinstate net neutrality rules. The agency will potentially reestablish the FCC’s 2015 rules that treated all broadband data equally. The commission is set to vote on Oct. 19 on whether to begin the rulemaking process. Rosenworcel emphasized the need to update policies to ensure that the internet remains open, fast, and fair. This announcement comes after six years since internet service providers were allowed to manipulate internet speeds.

Net neutrality is the concept that ISPs should treat all data equally and not unfairly block or throttle speeds to certain websites. The FCC first imposed these rules in 2015, but they were later repealed under the leadership of former FCC commissioner Ajit Pai. Pai argued that eliminating data protections would benefit companies and lead to increased employment, but this proved to be untrue. Despite efforts from congressional Democrats to enact net neutrality legislation, no significant progress has been made. However, the appointment of Commissioner Anna Gomez has resulted in a 3-2 Democrat majority on the FCC, increasing the likelihood of reinstating net neutrality rules. The FCC will need to conduct a vote and gather public comments before implementing any new regulations, likely leading to legal challenges from ISPs.

The potential reinstatement of net neutrality rules has been welcomed by internet advocates and those who believe in an open and fair internet. It remains to be seen how the FCC plans to restore these rules and how this decision will be received by major internet providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. The fight for net neutrality has been ongoing, and this announcement marks a step forward in ensuring a level playing field for internet users and content providers alike.

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