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Garmin smartwatch successfully swayed my daughter to abandon Fitbit.

Garmin has released its new Venu 3S smartwatch, which offers improved battery life and connectivity compared to its Fitbit competitor. The Venu 3S has an elegant stainless steel finish and a sage gray case, which impressed the reviewer’s daughter. The silicone band is also of high quality and comfortable to wear. The Venu 3S features an AMOLED display and supports phone calls from the wrist and voice assistant through a connected smartphone, making it a strong competitor to the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

In terms of features, the Venu 3S offers several updates over its predecessor, the Venu 2 Plus. These include two available sizes, a Garmin Elevate V5 optical heart-rate sensor, multi-GNSS support, longer battery life, wheelchair activity support, and enhanced fitness features. The watch also comes with additional utilities such as Morning Report, sleep coach, and jetlag advisor. With an updated user interface and improved functionality, the Venu 3S provides a comprehensive health and wellness-focused smartwatch experience.

Overall, the Venu 3S has left a positive impression on the reviewer’s daughter, who was previously a Fitbit user. The high-quality build and elegant design, combined with its advanced features and strong battery life, make the Venu 3S a compelling option for those in the market for a new smartwatch.

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