Home Technology Hypersonic Weapon Familiarization Training Held at Edwards AFB

Hypersonic Weapon Familiarization Training Held at Edwards AFB

Hypersonic Weapon Familiarization Training Held at Edwards AFB

Operational crew members from various units of the Air Force Global Strike Command and Air Combat Command recently underwent hypersonic weapon familiarization training at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The training aimed to enhance the crews’ understanding of hypersonic fundamentals and operations, increasing their readiness for the deployment of hypersonic systems such as the Hypersonic Attack Cruise Missile and Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon. The Department of Defense is investing in the development of hypersonic technology to ensure the United States can field operational hypersonic systems swiftly.

During the training, the crews focused on a range of topics, including the basics of hypersonics, operational and logistical considerations, and in-depth tactical discussions. The Air Force’s ongoing commitment to research, development, testing, production, and deployment of cost-effective weapons is emphasized. This includes a mix of stand-off, stand-in, hypersonic, and subsonic precision guided munitions, as well as the continuous pursuit of revolutionary advanced weapon capabilities to maintain a competitive edge over potential adversaries.

The significance of this training lies in the Air Force’s dedication to staying at the forefront of hypersonic technology and ensuring its operational forces are well-prepared. By providing expert academics and instruction on hypersonics, the Air Force aims to increase the proficiency and readiness levels of its crews across multiple aircraft communities. This training serves as a crucial step in advancing the U.S.’s hypersonic capabilities and maintaining its defense superiority.

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