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Introducing TechToday: The Fresh Podcast by Healthcare IT Leaders (Limited to 13 words)

The article introduces a new podcast called Leader to Leader, which aims to have bi-weekly conversations with experts in the healthcare industry. In the first episode, host Ben Hilmes interviews Doug Hires, the former Chief Operating Officer of OptumInsight. Hires provides insights into revenue cycle management, the growing trend of outsourcing, and the potential of emerging technologies to enhance efficiency in healthcare. The interview covers various topics such as the holistic approach to revenue cycle management, the benefits of outsourcing, and the importance of optimizing workflows and automation to reduce claims denials.

The podcast not only delves into healthcare management topics but also explores the leadership philosophies and backgrounds of the guests. In this episode, Hires emphasizes the significance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence for emerging leaders. He believes that effective leadership involves communication, listening, and taking action based on what is learned.

Listeners can access the podcast on various platforms, including Spotify, Amazon, Google, Apple, and others. The episode with Doug Hires can be listened to using the embedded player in the article or watched on YouTube. Interested individuals are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast on their preferred platform for future episodes of Leader to Leader.

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