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Jony Ive and OpenAI Plotting the AI Equivalent of the ‘iPhone’

Former Apple chief design officer, Jony Ive, is reportedly collaborating with OpenAI to develop the “iPhone of artificial intelligence” with the support of $1 billion in funding from Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman plans to utilize Ive’s design firm LoveFrom to create OpenAI’s first consumer device, which the duo have discussed during brainstorming sessions. The aim is to create a device that offers a more natural and intuitive user experience in interacting with AI, taking inspiration from the revolutionary touchscreen technology of the original iPhone.

Ive has previously expressed concerns about the addictive nature of smartphones and the compulsive behavior they can cause. In an interview with the Financial Times in 2018, Ive emphasized Apple’s moral responsibility to mitigate these effects and urged tech companies to anticipate unintended consequences when designing new products. The project with OpenAI presents an opportunity for Ive to contribute to the development of an interactive computing device that is less reliant on screens, aligning with his vision of addressing the addictive nature of technology.

The collaboration between Altman, Ive, and Son is still in the early stages, and various ideas for the device are being considered. Although no formal agreement has been confirmed, the discussions are reportedly serious. Altman’s previous involvement with Humane, a screenless wearable AI device startup, indicates his experience in developing devices that can replace smartphones. Overall, the partnership seeks to create a groundbreaking AI device that revolutionizes the way users interact with technology while addressing concerns about addictive behavior.

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