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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Meta Quest 3 Introduces Enhanced Body-Tracking Update

Meta has announced some exciting updates for the upcoming Quest 3 VR headset. According to UploadVR, the Quest 3, set to be released on October 10, will receive an update in December that includes upper body tracking and “AI-estimated legs.” This update will allow the headset’s side cameras to track movements of the torso and other body parts, enhancing the immersive experience in virtual environments. Previously, VR headsets only accurately tracked head and hand movements.

The AI-powered leg tracking feature on the Quest 3 will make educated guesses about the position of your legs and incorporate them into gameplay. While it may not capture minor movements like raising a knee, it will be beneficial for activities like crouching and jumping. However, for more precise leg tracking, users may have to wait for more advanced hardware in future iterations of VR headsets.

It’s commendable to see Meta investing in immersive features for the Quest 3. While the upper body tracking may not have felt necessary during a hands-on experience, it is a welcome addition that further enhances the overall experience. These updates demonstrate Meta’s commitment to constantly improving and pushing the boundaries of virtual reality technology.

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