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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Navy aims to overhaul technology acquisition approach to break outdated cycle.

The Department of the Navy is changing its approach to technology sustainment, moving from a traditional buy and replace model to a buy and sustain mindset. Jennifer Edgin, the assistant deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, emphasized the importance of updating software and capabilities iteratively to keep up with the evolving landscape of technology. This shift in perspective aims to ensure that sailors have access to timely updates and modern tools to effectively face challenges at sea.

One initiative driving this change is the Navy’s Black Pearl software development platform, which aims to streamline the process of delivering modern workplace applications to sailors, seamen, and civilians. Operation Flank Speed, which provides secure access to platform- and software-as-a-service that meets the Defense Department’s zero trust requirements, is a key component of this new approach. By leveraging cloud platforms and agile technologies, the Navy is working towards enhancing the overall experience of its personnel and improving operational efficiency.

In addition to modernizing records management through initiatives like transitioning to Microsoft Azure and implementing Form Recognizer, the Navy is also focused on breaking up requirements to better address functional and technical needs. By separating these elements, the Navy aims to iterate software capabilities faster and create a more adaptable ecosystem based on application programming interfaces (APIs). This strategic shift, coupled with updated cyber policies and the development of governance structures, underscores the Navy’s commitment to embracing new technologies and enhancing its overall technological capabilities.

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