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New AR smartglasses priced at $199 emphasize audio and ChatGPT to make a significant impact.

Solos has released its AirGo3 smartglasses, which stand out in the market due to their emphasis on audio features, comfort, usability, modular design, and affordable price. These third-generation augmented reality glasses start at $199 and offer easy setup and usage, even with the option to add prescription or photochromatic lenses. The audio quality, companion app usability, smart features, and sleek design of the AirGo3 impressed early users. The glasses do not have a heads-up display screen like Google Glass; instead, all the technology is integrated into the arms of the frames. Solos plans to incorporate a heads-up display in future iterations as display technology advances.

Solos co-founder Kenneth Fan explained that the company aimed to create an affordable and comfortable eyewear product with excellent audio features. While the AirGo3 does not have a camera like Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses, both products demonstrate the potential for incorporating advanced technology into everyday glasses. The notable features of the AirGo3 include 100 decibel speakers on each side, AI-powered live translation for conversations in unfamiliar languages, and the ability to interact with ChatGPT.

The AirGo3 smartglasses blend seamlessly with normal glasses and offer a range of styles to choose from. The innovative design, affordability, and user-friendly features make them an attractive option for those interested in AR technology. While the AirGo3 may not have a heads-up display screen or cameras, it packs advanced technology into a stylish and comfortable eyewear design.

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