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Newegg’s Trade-In Program: Get cash for old GPUs

Newegg has launched a Trade-In Program where customers can trade in their old GPUs in exchange for a trade-in credit on a new one. This program allows Newegg to receive a steady flow of GPUs to refurbish and resell, while customers can get a modest amount of cash back on their new purchase. The estimated trade-in values range from $30 for a 4GB AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT to $561 for an Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti 24GB. However, Newegg only accepts cards from the AMD RX 5000 series and the Nvidia RTX 20 series and newer models.

To check the trade-in value of their GPU, customers can click on the “Check Your Trade-In Value” button on the product page and select their card from a drop-down menu. Once a customer purchases a new GPU, Newegg will send them a prepaid label to return the old one within 14 days. After inspecting the card, Newegg will apply the credit as a refund to the customer’s original form of payment. However, there is a possibility that the credit may be provided in the form of a Newegg gift card instead.

Newegg emphasizes that this program is not only a way for customers to save the hassle of selling their old GPU but also an effort to reduce electronic waste. The GPUs received through the trade-in program will be refurbished by Newegg and sold with a 30-day warranty. While customers may potentially get more money from other sources, the convenience offered by the Newegg Trade-In Program may outweigh the higher payout. Newegg’s press release highlights the sustainability aspect of the program and encourages customers to participate in reducing waste.

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