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Thursday, April 18, 2024
HomeTechnologyPiers Morgan and Oprah Winfrey digitally manipulated for American influencer's commercials.

Piers Morgan and Oprah Winfrey digitally manipulated for American influencer’s commercials.

Celebrities like Piers Morgan, Nigella Lawson, and Oprah Winfrey are speaking out against AI deepfake online ads that falsely used their likeness to promote a self-help course by Wesley “Billion Dollar” Virgin called the “Genie Script.” This course, sold for $37 each, claims to reveal a “missing” Hebrew Bible scripture that can supposedly change your life. The deepfake videos, blending pseudo-science and conspiracy theories, aim to manipulate viewers into purchasing the product with the false endorsement of these celebrities.

These deceptive ads not only misuse the celebrities’ images but also employ AI-generated voices to fabricate endorsements, making it seem like the celebrities are directly attributing their success to Wesley Virgin’s guidance. The controversial tactics employed in these ads have drawn scrutiny from both the celebrities themselves and experts in digital forensics. Despite the removal of these ads from YouTube and other platforms, Wesley Virgin continues to promote his courses actively, emphasizing the potential for customers to become millionaires.

The use of deepfake technology in these ads highlights a growing trend of online misinformation and unethical marketing practices. As the technology behind deepfakes improves, it becomes increasingly difficult to detect falsified content, raising concerns about the potential for widespread deception and manipulation in the online sphere. The backlash from both celebrities and platforms like YouTube underscores the importance of vigilance in combating the spread of false information and protecting consumers from fraudulent advertising practices.

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