Home Technology Samsung Electronics union commences indefinite strike.

Samsung Electronics union commences indefinite strike.

Samsung Electronics union commences indefinite strike.

The National Samsung Electronics Union, representing approximately 30,000 workers at the South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics, initiated an indefinite strike to push for improved wages and benefits. The call for the strike came at the conclusion of a three-day general strike organized by the union, citing a lack of willingness from management to engage in discussions regarding their demands. The NSEU, which accounts for a significant portion of Samsung Electronics’ workforce in South Korea, revealed that the strike had disrupted production, a claim that Samsung refuted.

As the strike continued with about 6,500 workers participating initially, the NSEU urged more members to join the industrial action to intensify their protest against Samsung Electronics. Despite the disruptive nature of the strike, Samsung assured that production lines would not be affected, emphasizing the company’s commitment to negotiating with the union in good faith. The dispute between the union and management escalated as the NSEU declared a second general strike, starting indefinitely from July 10th due to the perceived lack of dialogue from Samsung.

The strike, coupled with a protest attended by approximately 3,000 individuals, put pressure on Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading producer of memory chips, smartphones, and televisions. The firm’s shares traded relatively flat on the Korea Stock Exchange following the strike announcement. Samsung, once known for its aversion to labor unions, shifted its stance in 2020 as public scrutiny intensified due to legal issues involving market manipulation and bribery. The ongoing strike highlights a pivotal moment in Samsung’s labor relations history as workers push for fairer compensation and working conditions amidst the company’s dominance in the global technology market.

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