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Spotify’s Jam feature enables collaborative party playlists among friends.

Spotify has introduced a new feature called “Jam” that allows friends to curate a single playlist together and listen to it simultaneously in real time. This feature is available for both free and Premium subscribers, with only the latter being able to initiate a session and invite others as hosts. Premium users can start a Jam session by selecting a song or playlist and then clicking on the speaker icon or three-dot menu. Housemates on the same Wi-Fi network will be prompted to join automatically, while remote participants can join via a QR code or shared link.

During Jam sessions, hosts have the ability to change the order of tracks and remove songs that don’t fit the theme or vibe. It is unclear if hosts can remove participants from the session, but they can choose to enable “Guest controls” to allow all participants to modify the playlist. The feature is available worldwide, offering users a shared music experience with their friends.

For those who prefer solo music streaming but still want to discover new songs and artists, Spotify’s daylist may be a better option. This playlist adapts throughout the day based on the user’s typical music preferences, providing a personalized listening experience.

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