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Stay Updated on Passwordless Sign-On Support with Passkeys: News & Updates

In the evolving landscape of online security, passwords are being phased out and replaced with passkeys, cryptographic keys that provide a more secure and user-friendly authentication method. The tech industry is largely in agreement that traditional passwords are no longer sufficient, prompting the adoption of passkeys. Utilizing a standard called WebAuthn, websites and apps can directly connect to a token stored on a user’s device or password manager, enabling automatic authentication.

While the transition to passkeys will take time, password manager Dashlane is contributing to this shift by integrating passkeys into its platform. Recognizing the importance of simplifying security for users, Dashlane CEO JD Sherman sees passkeys as a significant step towards a passwordless era. However, the widespread adoption of passkeys across all apps and websites will require further time and effort.

In summary, the tech industry advocates for the replacement of traditional passwords with passkeys, utilizing WebAuthn. Dashlane, a password manager, is taking steps to integrate passkeys into its platform, acknowledging the need to simplify security for users. Despite the ongoing transition, it will take time before passkeys are universally accepted and implemented.

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