Home Technology Talkdesk lays off employees for the third time in under 14 months.

Talkdesk lays off employees for the third time in under 14 months.

Talkdesk lays off employees for the third time in under 14 months.

Talkdesk, a company that provides customer service software to large corporations, has implemented another round of layoffs, marking the third in less than 14 months. The San Francisco-based company, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance customer service, has experienced lower revenue projections, prompting cost-cutting measures. The latest round of cuts has affected an undisclosed number of employees. Despite the layoffs, CEO Tiago Paiva remains optimistic, stating that the company’s investments in AI position it as a leader in customer experience (CX) innovation.

The layoffs at Talkdesk reflect ongoing efforts to reduce costs and adjust to lower revenue projections. The company has made previous staff reductions in February of this year and in August 2022, when it had a workforce of approximately 2,100 employees. The exact number of employees remaining after the recent layoffs is unknown. However, CEO Tiago Paiva assures that the limited cuts will not hinder the company’s ability to innovate quickly in strategic areas. Talkdesk plans to continue investing in and hiring for areas that promote efficient innovation and scale.

Despite the challenges posed by the layoffs, Talkdesk has expressed confidence in its business and market potential. CEO Tiago Paiva highlights the company’s progress in AI and its recent certifications, such as the FedRAMP In Process designation, which allows Talkdesk to expand its research and development investments in the United States. Additionally, Talkdesk has seen success in healthcare and regulated industries. Overall, the company remains focused on growth and capitalizing on the opportunities ahead.

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