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The Demise of New York City’s Flooding Quelled

New York and its surrounding areas are currently under a flash flood warning, prompting emergency declarations from the city and state. Heavy rain has led to significant flooding, with parts of Brooklyn receiving over 5 inches of rain and Central Park and Midtown Manhattan experiencing around 4 inches. Trains have been stalled or suspended, students are unable to safely make their way home from school, and various locations, including subway stairs in Brooklyn and LaGuardia Airport, have been flooded and shut down. The worsening weather patterns and resulting floods are being attributed to climate change, with the city’s infrastructure struggling to keep up with the pace of change.

According to Rohit Aggarwala, commissioner of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, the changing weather pattern and increased flooding are direct consequences of climate change. He emphasized that the city’s infrastructure is unable to respond at the same pace as climate change is occurring, leading to these challenges. The physics behind the flooding are clear to atmospheric scientists, as warmer temperatures allow the air to hold more moisture, resulting in more intense rainfall. Additionally, as the planet continues to warm, more energy is released through evaporation, contributing to heavier rainfalls.

Furthermore, the outdated infrastructure in cities like New York, designed centuries ago, is ill-equipped to handle the intensity of modern storms. The original infrastructure was built with the intention of quickly draining stormwater, but these systems are now overwhelmed by the increasing amount of precipitation, leading to widespread flooding. As climate change continues to exacerbate extreme weather events, it highlights the need for cities to invest in updating and modernizing their infrastructure to better protect against floods and other climate-related challenges.

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