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Vise Intelligence introduces AI-based support for financial advisors

Vise, a fintech company based in New York City, is making a comeback with its new AI service, Vise Intelligence. This conversational AI model is designed to support human financial advisors by providing them with reports, answering their questions, and offering up-to-the-minute information about investment portfolios. Vise Intelligence allows financial advisors to remain in control while having access to a helpful assistant capable of pulling together information and suggesting adjustments to clients’ investment strategies. The company believes that combining technology and investment management is the future of wealth management.

Vise Intelligence is powered by cutting-edge large language models that have been fine-tuned using relevant investment and portfolio management data. The AI has been trained on tens of thousands of data points from the market on different companies, as well as individual client goals and preferences. This information is combined with guidance from financial advisors to create personalized insights for each client. Vise aims to transform wealth management by enabling financial advisors to serve more clients and spend more time building relationships, ultimately benefiting both the advisor and the company.

The launch of Vise Intelligence marks a significant step forward for the company, which has faced challenges in recent years. The co-founders, who started the company when they were just 16 years old, have admitted to the need for a “hard reset” after losing assets under management and clients. However, with the release of this AI service, Vise is poised for a comeback. By leveraging AI technology, Vise aims to enhance the capabilities of financial advisors and create better investment outcomes for clients. The company believes that the future of wealth management lies in the integration of technology and human expertise, and it aims to be at the forefront of this transformation.

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