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Wellmind Health introduces digital program for managing arthritis pain – TechToday

Wellmind Health, a digital treatments platform, has launched a new arthritis pain management program called Pathway through Arthritis. Developed in partnership with Versus Arthritis, the UK’s largest arthritis charity, the web-based program aims to empower individuals with arthritis to self-manage their pain and reduce the impact of the condition on their daily life. With over 10 million people in the UK affected by arthritis, the societal cost is significant, including decreased work productivity and increased healthcare expenses. The Pathway through Arthritis program incorporates clinically employed pain self-management techniques, exercise, lifestyle changes, and cognitive approaches led by a team of experts.

The program is designed to reduce anxiety and depression among individuals with arthritis, as living with the condition can be mentally challenging. Through the collaboration with Versus Arthritis, Wellmind Health aims to provide innovative technology and tools that can make a difference in managing arthritis and supporting healthcare services nationwide. Wellmind Health has a track record of providing drug-free digital treatments for better mental health and pain management, with their previous programs showing significant and measurable long-term improvements in health outcomes. By empowering individuals to self-manage their arthritis, the program aims to improve their quality of life, reduce drug over-prescription, and alleviate the pressure on healthcare services.

Pain management is a growing focus in the digital health sector, and Wellmind Health’s Pathway through Arthritis program contributes to addressing this need. Other companies, such as PainChek, have also reported an increase in the adoption of their pain assessment technology in residential care homes. As the societal and economic burden of arthritis persists, innovative digital solutions like Pathway through Arthritis offer promise in improving the lives of individuals with arthritis and alleviating the strain on healthcare systems.

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