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YouTube Cuts Premium Lite Subscription Plan; Ad-Free No More

After two years of testing, YouTube has decided to end its Premium Lite subscription plan, which provides ad-free video viewing at a lower cost. The plan was first launched in select European countries in 2021 and has been popular among users who want an ad-free experience but don’t need the other features offered by the full Premium subscription. YouTube will no longer offer Premium Lite after October 25th, 2023, leaving existing subscribers with the choice to either watch YouTube with ads or upgrade to the more expensive Premium plan, which includes YouTube Music.

In an email to customers, YouTube announced the discontinuation of Premium Lite and expressed its intention to continue working on different versions of the plan based on user feedback. The decision has disappointed many subscribers, with some expressing their disappointment on forums and through emails to websites like The Verge. Premium Lite filled a gap in the market for users who wanted to skip ads but didn’t require the additional features offered by the Premium plan. These users, who now face the choice between ads or a more expensive subscription, are lamenting the loss of their service.

YouTube had previously raised the prices of its Premium and Music subscriptions in the US in July. The discontinuation of Premium Lite raises questions about YouTube’s subscription offerings and the potential for future changes and adjustments to its plans based on user demand.

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