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Meta introduces AI chatbots for Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, enhancing customer interactions.

Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, has announced the launch of artificial intelligence-driven chatbots on its platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. These chatbots will be capable of answering users’ questions and engaging with them in a conversational manner. The AI assistant will use Bing, a search engine by Microsoft, to find answers. Additionally, Meta will introduce 28 chatbots that represent famous personalities such as a sous chef voiced by Cook Roy Choi and a Dungeon Master played by Snoop Dogg. These chatbots will offer diverse features like generating recipes and providing text-based adventure experiences.

The company plans to launch the AI assistant and personas in beta mode initially in the US, with more features and chatbots to follow in various areas of interest such as gaming, philosophy, and fashion. Meta aims to focus not only on answering queries but also on providing entertainment and facilitating connections between people. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, highlighted the company’s intention to enhance user experience and help individuals achieve their goals.

Moreover, Meta announced that developers would have the ability to create their own AI assistants for Meta’s messaging platforms. They also plan to introduce a feature that allows non-coders to develop their own chatbots, capitalizing on the growing popularity of generative AI since the launch of Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

In addition to these developments, Meta showcased its latest “mixed-reality” Quest 3 headset, which combines virtual and augmented reality. The headset will be made available for purchase next month at a price of $499.99. Meta also revealed its metaverse ambitions, expressing the vision of a future where holograms and digital objects play a significant role in people’s interactions. However, Meta plans to roll out these new features cautiously to address concerns regarding privacy and safety. Furthermore, the company displayed its upcoming generation of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, which will include features like livestreaming to social media platforms and the ability to identify buildings and translate signs.

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