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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Enhanced Reality: Meta’s Quest 3 VR Headset and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Deliver Immersive Experience

In a recent survey conducted by Ben Bajarin, most respondents expressed a willingness to spend between $250 and $499 on virtual reality (VR) headsets. The next-largest group was only willing to spend $100 to $249. Furthermore, 20 percent of the surveyed individuals were open to investing $1,000 or more on VR. Bajarin also noted that travel, entertainment, and gaming apps are some of the most popular experiences on VR, contrasting with work apps.

Meta, the company behind VR headset Meta Quest, has stated that games are the most popular category of apps for their device. During their Connect developer event, they announced that 100 new games will be added to the Quest store, with more than half of them incorporating mixed reality. The article also mentions some of the games and experiences showcased on the new Quest 3, highlighting the appeal of headsets that provide real-world visibility along with immersive VR capabilities.

In addition to VR headsets, Meta and Ray-Ban have unveiled the latest version of their video-capturing smart glasses. The original glasses, called Ray-Ban Stories, received criticism for privacy concerns and limited usage. However, the new glasses come in both sunglasses and clear lens options and offer various styles and colors. They boast improvements, such as two 5-megapixel cameras, better audio quality, and the ability to converse with AI-powered chatbots. Meta believes that the AI capabilities will be as influential as augmented reality features in the adoption of smart glasses.

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