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Primary Wave signs ‘multi-million-dollar’ catalog deal with P.F. Sloan’s estate.

Primary Wave Music, a major player in music rights acquisition, has acquired a catalog of music from renowned songwriter and musician P.F. Sloan in a multi-million-dollar deal. Sloan, who passed away in 2015, was a prolific songwriter during the 1960s Los Angeles music scene, collaborating with Steve Barri on hit songs performed by popular musicians of the time. One of his most famous compositions is “Secret Agent Man,” which became the theme song for the TV show of the same name. The agreement allows Sloan’s estate access to Primary Wave’s marketing team and publishing infrastructure.

Primary Wave has established itself as one of the largest music rights owners globally, representing iconic songwriters, artists, and labels such as Bob Marley, Prince, Stevie Nicks, and The Doors. In the past year alone, the company has acquired the rights to Whitney Houston’s hits, struck multi-million-dollar deals with rock band Skillet and Kool & The Gang’s George Brown, and made significant investments in various music-related ventures. Primary Wave’s founder and CEO, Larry Mestel, has emphasized the company’s commitment to enhancing artists’ legacies and maximizing the value of their music.

The acquisition of P.F. Sloan’s music catalog adds another legendary songwriter to Primary Wave’s impressive roster. Sloan’s timeless songs, collaborations, and notable sync success in movies have ensured his music’s enduring popularity. By partnering with Primary Wave, Sloan’s estate aims to preserve his incredible legacy and utilize the company’s marketing expertise and publishing infrastructure to reach new audiences. With Primary Wave’s track record and vast resources, it is poised to continue its growth as a major player in the music rights acquisition industry.

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