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Streaming giants unite for increased lobbying influence.

Several streaming companies, including Netflix and Disney, have formed the Streaming Innovation Alliance (SIA) in response to the changing entertainment landscape and potential regulation by the federal government. The SIA will provide these companies with a strong foundation to navigate current and future regulations specifically related to streaming. The trade group consists of various streaming services, such as Paramount Plus, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max, Peacock, TelevisaUnivision, as well as smaller streamers like For Us By Us Network, Vault, and AfroLandTV. However, Apple, Amazon, Roku, and Tubi are not currently part of the group.

The formation of the SIA was influenced by Motion Picture Association (MPA) CEO Charles Rivkin. Netflix, previously a member of the MPA, joined the trade group in 2019 to receive assistance in copyright law matters. The SIA was created to address the technological challenges faced by streaming video companies, which the MPA is not as equipped to handle. These companies exist in a unique position and could potentially be affected by legislation that targets other aspects of the internet, such as the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), which could unintentionally include streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney due to overly broad definitions and privacy concerns.

Apart from regulatory concerns, the streaming companies in the SIA are advocates for net neutrality. This concept has been difficult for lawmakers and regulators in Washington, DC to fully understand. Additionally, these companies face demands for specific taxation, such as the taxation of streaming services comparable to local networks. Increased regulation could impact their profits, which is concerning as streamers are currently grappling with their profitability.

Overall, the formation of the SIA provides streaming companies with a united front to address regulatory challenges, protect their interests, and advocate for issues like net neutrality. It allows these companies to differentiate themselves from content creators on social platforms and ensures their representation in discussions surrounding streaming regulations.

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