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State Rankings: Cost of Living Affordability by State in 13 words or less.

White explorers arrived in Mississippi in 1540, and the region changed hands numerous times until 1763 when the Treaty of Paris placed it under British control. The Mississippi Territory was established in 1798, and the state officially joined the Union as the 20th state in 1817. Known for being a leading cotton producer aided by slave labor, Mississippi played a pivotal role in the Civil War. The state was the second to secede from the Union in 1861 and experienced significant loss of life during the war, particularly on the Confederate side.

After the Civil War, Mississippi’s music heritage began to develop and gain influence, serving as the birthplace of blues music and a hub for numerous American musical genres. However, widespread racial discrimination and segregation characterized life in Mississippi throughout much of the 20th century. The state was a focal point of the civil rights movement, witnessing violent resistance to integration efforts and efforts to suppress African American voter registration. Nonetheless, these efforts raised awareness of Deep South issues and helped lead to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Today, agriculture and forestry remain crucial sectors in Mississippi, with the state being a primary producer of farm-raised catfish, sweet potatoes, cotton, and pulpwood. The state’s historical legacy, with its complex past of racial tension and social progress, continues to shape its identity in the 21st century.

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