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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Jill Biden questions if special counsel exploited son’s death for political gain: NPR

First lady Jill Biden vehemently defended her husband, President Joe Biden, after a report from Special Counsel Robert Hur suggested that President Biden’s memory was “hazy,” “fuzzy,” “faulty,” and “poor” and that he had “significant limitations.” This report also mentioned that Biden couldn’t recall “even within years” when his oldest son Beau had died, which deeply angered the president. Jill Biden took an exceptionally personal approach in her defense, stating in an email to campaign donors that she couldn’t imagine someone using her son’s death to score political points and that grief is not measured in years, but by the profound impact it has on a person.

Special Counsel Robert Hur, a Republican former U.S. attorney appointed by Donald Trump, found that President Biden should not face charges for retaining classified documents after his presidential term. The report included references to Beau Biden, whose death in 2015 from a brain tumor deeply affected his family. Jill Biden, in her defense of her husband, highlighted the profound impact of Beau’s death on their family and emphasized that Joe Biden draws purpose from his desire to serve and find meaning in the wake of the tragedy. Despite concerns from voters about President Biden’s age, Jill Biden emphasized that his wisdom, empathy, and vision, combined with his experience and expertise, make his age an incredible asset.

Overall, Jill Biden’s impassioned defense of her husband aims to mitigate concerns regarding the president’s age and memory while conveying the deeply personal impact of her son Beau’s death on their family. Her words reflect not only her devotion to her husband but also an attempt to show the public a more intimate and compassionate side of President Joe Biden.

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