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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Warner collaborates with Sky Digital to expand music presence in India

Warner Music India and Punjabi music content aggregator Sky Digital have strengthened their alliance through a joint venture that will involve managing and developing a talent roster together. The partnership, which started in 2021 as a distribution deal, will now extend to promoting selected artists from the roster. Sky Digital represents some of India’s top Punjabi music figures and oversees popular Punjabi content-based YouTube channels with over 50 million subscribers. Warner Music India’s President, Alfonso Perez-Soto, stated that the collaboration aims to take Punjabi music to a global audience.

The collaboration between Warner Music India and Sky Digital marks a significant step towards supporting and promoting Punjabi artists’ careers directly. Sky Digital’s artists, such as Bir, Harnoor, and Kaka, have already garnered millions of views on YouTube, indicating their potential for international stardom. Warner Music India’s Managing Director, Jay Mehta, highlighted the increasing popularity of Punjabi music worldwide, and the joint venture provides an excellent platform for more artists to achieve global recognition and dominate music charts.

This announcement is part of Warner Music India’s ongoing expansion in India’s entertainment sector. The company has acquired a majority stake in Indian digital media and music company Divo and established strategic partnerships with various Indian firms, including Global Music Junction’s entertainment firm JetSynthesys, Bollywood specialist Tips Music, and Punjabi music specialist Ziiki Media. The move reflects Warner Music’s commitment to capturing the growing market for Punjabi music and taking it to an international level. Other major labels, such as Sony Music and Universal Music Group, have also made similar moves to tap into the Punjabi music industry in recent years.

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