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China and US Discuss Xi’s Attendance at APEC Summit

China is currently in discussions with the US regarding their representation at an upcoming summit, following President Xi Jinping’s absence from a recent global gathering. The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, addressed this matter during a press briefing in Beijing. When asked if President Xi would attend the event in November, Wang stated that they are engaging in communication with relevant parties and will disclose their decision at the appropriate moment.

The news article highlights the uncertainty surrounding China’s presence at the upcoming summit, as President Xi Jinping chose not to attend a recent major gathering of world leaders. This absence has sparked speculation and raised questions about whether China’s leader will participate in the upcoming event. To provide clarity on the matter, the Chinese Foreign Minister acknowledged that discussions with the US are currently taking place to determine who will represent China at the summit. Wang assured that an official announcement will be made at the appropriate time.

The article underscores the significance of China’s participation in the upcoming summit and the attention it has garnered due to President Xi’s recent absence from another major gathering. It emphasizes that China and the US are engaged in ongoing communication to finalize the decision on China’s representation. The Chinese Foreign Minister’s response during the press briefing indicates that the announcement regarding China’s participation will be made when the time is appropriate. This news raises curiosity about the reasons behind President Xi’s absence from global gatherings and the potential implications for China’s international relations.

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