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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Andy Kim defeats first lady Tammy Murphy in inaugural NJ Senate Democratic convention.

Andy Kim secured a significant victory in the Monmouth County Democratic convention, stunning his opponent, Tammy Murphy, and proving that his momentum is real. Kim, who represents parts of Monmouth County in Congress, received thunderous applause on the campaign trail, contrasting with Murphy’s lukewarm reception. The victory also means that Kim will receive the coveted county line on the primary ballot, providing him with a unique advantage in the election.

The battle for the county line in Monmouth is crucial, as nearly the entire state uses the party line system on the primary ballot. Kim’s win signifies that he can generate support from rank-and-file Democrats, countering Murphy’s institutional backing from Democratic party leaders statewide. This unexpected victory demonstrated that there is nothing predetermined in this race and that Kim’s campaign is gaining significant traction.

This triumph also sets the stage for the larger Democratic competition to replace Kim in the third congressional district. Murphy’s swift departure from the convention and the subsequent endorsement from Passaic County Democrats underscore the pivotal role of securing endorsements and support from prominent party leaders. Moving forward, both candidates will continue their efforts to build a strong coalition across the state and earn the support of New Jersey voters.

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