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Biden Criticizes GOP’s Rejection of Funding and Embrace of Spending with Enthusiasm

President Takes Delight in Naming Republicans Who Boast About Federal Investments Despite Voting Against Them.

As his re-election campaign gains momentum, President Joe Biden has embraced a new role as the “troller-in-chief.” He has been calling out Republicans who voted against federal investments but are now boasting about the benefits those investments bring to their states. Biden has highlighted the transformative impact of his economic policies, such as the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, on local economies and communities. He has playfully called out specific Republicans, like Senator Tommy Tuberville, who opposed the infrastructure bill but later praised the broadband funds it provided for Alabama. Biden responded to Tuberville on Twitter, saying, “See you at the groundbreaking.”

The president has also criticized Republicans who oppose student debt relief but have benefited from government business loans under the Paycheck Protection Act. Biden has questioned how these officials can refuse relief for working-class Americans while supporting debt forgiveness for millionaires. White House spokesman Andrew Bates has joined in by calling out Republican representatives Nancy Mace and Joe Wilson of South Carolina for criticizing Biden’s spending packages while welcoming the aid they bring to their districts.

Despite low approval ratings for his handling of the economy and inflation, Biden has been trying to convince the public that his economic approach has been successful. He received positive news when the private payroll firm ADP announced that the private sector added 497,000 jobs in June, exceeding predictions. The president also claimed to have reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion over two years, attributing the increase during Trump’s presidency to pandemic-related spending supported by both parties. Biden emphasized that he prioritizes providing help where it is most needed, regardless of party politics.

In his efforts to showcase the impact of his policies and confront Republican opposition, Biden is engaging in targeted messaging and strategic political jabs.



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