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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Major Spending Fight Looms as Congress Returns to Extensive To-Do List

Countdown Begins: Lawmakers Face Three-Week Challenge to Advance Key Priorities Before August Recess

Lawmakers are returning to Washington with a busy agenda ahead of their August recess, including an appropriations fight that has already encountered challenges. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer outlined the priorities for the Senate, which include addressing various policy issues such as prescription drug prices, federal aviation programs, and rail safety. Schumer acknowledged the ambitious agenda and the challenges posed by the closely divided chamber. The looming spending fight adds further complexity, as Congress must approve all 12 appropriations bills by the end of the fiscal year or face across-the-board spending cuts. Complicating matters is a disagreement between House conservatives and Senate Republicans regarding spending caps. The National Defense Authorization Act, which is already facing cultural disputes, is also on the agenda, along with the need to approve the farm bill before its expiration in September.

Divided government and a fractured House, with a powerful minority exerting influence, make legislative progress difficult. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has faced challenges from members of the party’s right flank, leading to tensions within the conference. While the House has struggled to pass substantive legislation, the focus has been on messaging bills or inquiries, including discussions of impeachment efforts. Efforts have recently targeted the FBI and the Justice Department. In the Senate, progress has been hampered by absences or holdups from lawmakers, and the slim Democratic majority is further complicated by moderate lawmakers seeking reelection in competitive states. With a lengthy to-do list, both chambers will need to make significant legislative efforts or face consequences.

Overall, lawmakers face numerous policy challenges, appropriations fights, and cultural disputes as they return to Washington. Finding common ground and making progress on these issues will require concerted efforts and cooperation in the divided and closely balanced political landscape.



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