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North Korean State Media Reports US Soldier Travis King to be Expelled, Limited to 13 Words

North Korea has announced its decision to expel US Army Private Travis King, who had crossed into North Korea from South Korea during a tour of the joint security area in July. The state media KCNA reported on Wednesday that the investigation into King has been completed, and he will be expelled under the law of the Republic. However, the report does not provide any details about where, when, and how King will be expelled. It is important to note that CNN cannot verify the authenticity of North Korea’s claim that King confessed to illegally intruding into their territory due to his discontent with the US Army’s maltreatment and racial discrimination.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby commented last month that it would not be surprising if North Korea used Travis King as a propaganda tool or bargaining chip. Kirby mentioned that it is unclear where King is currently located, the conditions under which he is being held, and his health status. The expulsion of King by North Korea raises concerns about the potential repercussions and the nature of his treatment while in captivity. The situation highlights the ongoing tensions between the United States and North Korea and the challenges faced in obtaining information about King’s well-being and ensuring his safe return.

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