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King celebrates Candy Crush Saga’s monumental 15,000th level and massive $20B revenue.

Activision Blizzard’s King division is marking the 20th anniversary of Candy Crush Saga with the launch of its 15,000th level for the popular match-3 game. Candy Crush Saga has generated over $20 billion in revenue and has been downloaded more than five billion times, making it a major player in the video game industry. With its portfolio of mobile games, including Candy Crush Soda Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, King has garnered a massive global audience of over 200 million monthly active players. The game’s success is attributed to its ability to resonate with players of all ages and backgrounds, bringing them together to play.

As Candy Crush Saga reaches its milestone, King remains focused on delivering new challenges and engaging content for its players. The company plans to continue developing exciting adventures and experiences for its dedicated gaming community. Additionally, King is exploring the potential of new technologies, such as AI, to enhance game design and improve player experience. By optimizing understanding of players’ interactions and employing AI to offer relevant content and options, King aims to create more compelling, responsive, and adaptive gaming experiences.

King’s success over the past 20 years can be attributed in part to its culture. The company values inclusivity and has been recognized by Newsweek and The Sunday Times for creating a caring and inclusive workplace environment. As King looks to the future, it remains committed to its mission of making the world playful and aims to deliver many more years of fun gameplay and memorable moments for its players.

In summary, Candy Crush Saga’s 15,000th level launch celebrates the game’s 20th anniversary and its significant impact on the gaming industry. With over $20 billion in revenue and five billion downloads, Candy Crush Saga continues to captivate a global audience of more than 200 million monthly active players. King remains dedicated to delivering new content and experiences for its players while exploring the potential of AI to enhance game design and player experience. The company’s inclusive culture has contributed to its success, and it aims to continue making the world playful for many more years to come.

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