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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Republicans Pushing Congress Towards Shutdown

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is facing challenges in garnering Republican support for a bill aimed at avoiding a government shutdown. The bill proposes reduced levels of government funding along with strict immigration restrictions demanded by conservatives. At least 10 hard-right lawmakers have already voiced their opposition to any stopgap measure, effectively blocking McCarthy’s escape route to prevent a shutdown. Instead of taking real action, House Republicans focused on appeasing the hard right by adding conservative amendments to spending bills. However, these amendments are likely to make passing the bills more difficult and may not have any impact in the Senate where Democrats hold the majority.
In total, 10 House Republicans have expressed their opposition to the temporary spending measure known as a “continuing resolution” or “C.R.” Matt Gaetz of Florida has been a vocal leader against any form of C.R., calling for individual spending bills to be passed instead. Tim Burchett of Tennessee criticized his Republican colleagues for supporting an extension of Democratic spending priorities. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, who has been on maternity leave, has been using the hashtag #NOCR to express her opposition to the C.R. Eli Crane of Arizona, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, is at odds with McCarthy once again, as he was during the speakership bid. Despite efforts to unify the party, Andy Ogles of Tennessee remains staunchly opposed to a continuing resolution. Matt Rosendale of Montana wants Republican leaders to focus on passing individual spending bills. Andy Biggs of Arizona, seen as a leader of the anti-McCarthy Republicans, is calling on lawmakers to hold the line against the C.R. Dan Bishop of North Carolina wants government spending to be pulled back to prepandemic levels. Wesley Hunt of Texas and Cory Mills of Florida both oppose a temporary patch and are pushing for the passage of individual spending bills.

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