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Peloton soars as it seals global partnership with Lululemon for yoga attire

Peloton Interactive and Lululemon Athletica have announced a five-year global partnership that has resulted in a surge in Peloton’s shares by 16.7% after trading hours. The agreement entails Peloton becoming the exclusive provider of digital fitness content for Lululemon Studio from early 2024. On the other hand, Lululemon will serve as Peloton’s primary athletic-apparel partner. This collaboration marks Peloton’s transformative shift towards becoming a software-focused company, while Lululemon aims to enhance its digital offerings and discontinue its underperforming Studio Mirror interactive fitness device.

Peloton, known as a pandemic success story, has implemented cost-cutting measures and is transitioning its business focus from hardware to software. The partnership with Lululemon allows Peloton to leverage its content creation capabilities, positioning it as a leading provider of fitness content for Lululemon Studio. This move broadens Peloton’s reach and strengthens its position in the digital fitness market.

In response to lackluster demand, Lululemon has made the decision to halt the sales of its Studio Mirror device. Instead, the company plans to optimize its Mirror business and concentrate on delivering fitness content through applications. This decision aligns with Lululemon’s strategy to digitalize its offerings and enhance its digital presence. Overall, the partnership between Peloton and Lululemon presents a mutually beneficial opportunity for both companies to expand their customer base and deliver innovative fitness solutions in the evolving digital landscape.

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