Home Technology Disney has initiated a crackdown on password-sharing: limitations imposed.

Disney has initiated a crackdown on password-sharing: limitations imposed.

Disney has initiated a crackdown on password-sharing: limitations imposed.

Disney Plus will be implementing password sharing restrictions in Canada starting on November 1st. The company announced this change in an email to Canadian subscribers, although they did not provide specific details on how the policy will be enforced. The updated Help Center states that sharing a subscription outside of the household is not allowed, with potential consequences including account limits or termination. This move comes after Disney CEO Bob Iger expressed during an earnings call that they were exploring ways to address shared accounts, as a significant number of people are currently sharing passwords across Disney’s services.

Disney Plus is joining other streaming services in attempting to tackle password sharing. Netflix has been testing similar restrictions for over a year in various countries, and began cracking down in the US in May of 2023. Netflix restricts accounts based on the user’s IP address and offers the option to add additional members for an additional fee. This policy has led to an increase in subscribers for Netflix. It’s important to note that with these new restrictions, Canadian users now have access to the cheaper ad-supported tier on Disney Plus, adding to the growing expenses of the streaming industry.

Overall, with Disney Plus restricting password sharing in Canada, they aim to prevent the unauthorized sharing of accounts or login credentials outside of households. Similar to other streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus is taking steps to enforce these restrictions and protect the revenue generated from individual subscriptions. While this move may inconvenience users who have shared their account with others, it allows streaming platforms to retain control over their content and potentially drive more subscribers to purchase their own individual subscriptions. Ultimately, as the streaming industry continues to grow, there may be more efforts made to limit password sharing in order to maintain sustainable business models.

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