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Senate passes unanimous dress code.

Senate passes unanimous dress code.

The US Senate has officially established a dress code for its members on the floor of the chamber. The resolution, passed by unanimous consent, requires members to adhere to a formal dress code, including a coat, tie, and slacks for men. The move comes after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer decided to stop enforcing the unwritten dress code, which sparked controversy when Democratic Senator John Fetterman wore casual attire. The resolution, introduced by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Republican Senator Mitt Romney, aims to formalize the dress code rather than rely on unwritten customs.

Schumer acknowledged the need for a formal dress code, stating that recent events had made it necessary to establish one. He expressed appreciation for Fetterman’s cooperation in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement and commended Manchin and Romney for their leadership on the issue. Fetterman, prior to the resolution’s passage, had already announced his intention to adhere to a business attire dress code when presiding over the Senate floor.

This development follows previous changes in dress code rules in Congress. In 2017, then-House Speaker Paul Ryan relaxed rules on attire in response to objections from congresswomen regarding a prohibition on displaying bare arms. In 2019, the dress code for women in the Senate was further relaxed to allow for sleeveless dresses, thanks to efforts from then-Senate Rules Committee chair Amy Klobuchar.

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