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Philips Hue’s Home Security Vision Unveiled in Captivating Camera Images

Philips Hue, known for its smart lighting products, is reportedly entering the smart home security market. Renders of the company’s upcoming security cameras have been leaked by Dave Zatz of ZatzNotFunny, who spotted them in an update to Philips Hue’s Android app. The images reveal one Nest-style camera, out of a total of four rumored to be released. The design matches the blurry FCC images that were leaked previously. Additionally, there are renders of a refreshed motion sensor and a contact sensor for monitoring doors and windows.

The updated Android app also includes language suggesting a security focus, such as “arming” and “alarming,” indicating a venture beyond the company’s existing smart lighting products. Zigbee support in the cameras suggests that they will function as motion sensors. According to HueBlog, the European retail prices for the cameras could range from €199.95 to €349.95, while the contact sensor could start at €39.95.

While this move marks Philips Hue’s entry into the smart home security market, its parent company, Signify, has some experience in this area through its other smart lighting brand, WiZ. WiZ had previously announced its own security system that utilizes its lightbulbs to detect intruders.

Overall, Philips Hue’s expansion into smart home security reflects the increasing demand for integrated smart home solutions and their potential to enhance security measures.

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