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Sony unveils latest gaming audio gear: PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset and Pulse Explore Earbuds

Sony has unveiled three new audio devices for PlayStation 5: the PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds, the PlayStation Pulse Elite wireless headset, and the PlayStation Link. The Pulse Explore earbuds offer a premium portable audio experience with dual microphones, AI-enhanced noise rejection, lossless audio, and a charging case, priced at $199.99. The Pulse Elite headset comes with lossless audio, a retractable boom mic, AI-enhanced noise rejection, and a charging hanger, priced at $149.99. Both devices utilize custom-designed planar magnetic drivers for professional sound quality. They can also connect to the PlayStation Portal remote play device through the PlayStation Link.

To connect these audio devices to a PS5, a USB adapter is required, which is included with each device. The USB adapter can also be purchased separately and used to connect the Pulse Elite headset and Pulse Explore earbuds to PC and Mac for lossless and low latency audio. The Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore devices can simultaneously connect to a PlayStation Link-supported device (such as a PS5, PC, Mac, or PlayStation Portal) and a Bluetooth-supported device (like a smartphone). Sony will share more details on the release date and preorders for these devices soon.

Overall, the new audio devices from PlayStation aim to provide a high-quality audio experience for gamers, featuring advanced technology and compatibility with various devices. The addition of the PlayStation Link allows seamless connectivity and easy switching between different platforms. Gamers and audiophiles alike can look forward to enjoying immersive sound and clear communication with the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds and Pulse Elite headset.

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