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Meta’s Horizon Worlds Introduces Enhanced User Moderation and Simplified Reporting

Meta’s new release of Horizon Worlds, version 124, brings enhanced safety controls to the metaverse social platform. Users can now easily block and report other users who are engaging in inappropriate behavior. By hovering over another person’s nameplate while pausing, a shortcut will appear allowing users to mute, block, or report them. These new features aim to create a safer and more positive experience for all users of Meta’s Horizon Worlds.

In addition to the safety controls, Meta is also introducing new tutorials within the safety settings. These tutorials will educate users on various aspects of using the platform’s safety features, including setting personal boundaries, controlling volume, changing voice modes, muting, and even collaborating with others to remove problematic individuals. The update also improves access to sound and profile settings by making them more easily accessible when entering pause mode.

This release comes as Meta prepares to expand the reach of Horizon Worlds by launching a new mobile version. This move will potentially introduce the metaverse platform to millions more users. Meta’s upcoming Connect event on September 27th, which will feature a keynote by Mark Zuckerberg, is expected to shed more light on this mobile version as well as provide further details on the Meta Quest 3, which has already been unboxed according to leaks. The new features and expansions demonstrate Meta’s commitment to enhancing user safety and extending the accessibility of its metaverse platform.

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